Your Guide to the Albemarle Sound

Connecting People to Unique Places


Everything about the water, land, people and culture along the Albemarle Sound is special! No doubt about it and that’s why we selected the region for our first coastal pocket guide.

For those who travel with adventure in their hearts and a guide in their pocket!

Sure, most of us have spent some time on North Carolina’s Outer Banks but what about the inland tidewater area along the coast. The mouths of major streams and rivers drain into seven open sounds or directly into the ocean. The Albemarle Sound is a large estuary on the coast that is located at the confluence of several rivers and creeks, including the Chowan and Roanoke. The long strand of islands making up the Outer Banks separate the Albemarle from the Atlantic Ocean. The sound is 52-miles long and five to 14-miles wide. The cypress swamps, creeks, rivers, bays and historic towns along the sound offer a lifetime of fun, education and adventure for folks of all ages!

We think this region is exceptional so we try our best to create a unique and resourceful pocket guide. The guides are interactive which mean we pack in a variety of multimedia options for each corridor we highlight. We realize that some folks prefer a handy print guide while others favor smart phones or tablets. Regardless of the platform, we try to concisely present a pocketful of information whether it’s our coaster guide, website or mobile responsive pocket guide. So look for The Guide to the Albemarle Sound and check out some of our soundside secrets including enchanted colonial towns, wildlife refuges, paddling trails and one-of-a-kind local haunts that are sure to bring you back time and time again. Come explore these off-the-beaten-path experiences along the Albemarle and please be sure to share your next great adventure with us!

We’re connecting corridors one pocket guide at a time. Join us as we navigate through rivers, aquariums, art galleries, skinny creeks, greenways, harbor towns, back roads and more.




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